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27. října 2007 v 11:49 | Dudu |  Stars
O Hanně sem teho na netu v češtině moc nenašla všecko bylo v anglině tkže asi mate smulu no jinak to co sem našla :
Miss Hanna Beth
Co o sobě řekla:
overcast weather.
always tired, but never sleeps.
drives a black jetta.
always dancing.
always cold.
sushi addict.
loves to travel.
My name is HannaBeth.
I was born in New York, but now I live in Hollywood.
It took me awhile to get to where I am,
but I have never been more content.
My life revolves around music and fashion.
I try to avoid drama as much as possible.
People who talk shit are just insecure with themselves.
I'll treat you with the same respect you treat me with.
I never judge a book by it's cover.
I could live off sushi.
I tend to think way too much.
I want to travel all over the world.

Music, Chai, Wine, Anarchy, Traveling, Sushi, Vintage, Ice Tea, Cups, Monsters, Big Sunglasses, Hello Kitty, Late Nights, Photo Booths, Flannels, Mix Tapes, Sleep Overs, Battle Wounds, Miso Soup, Messy Hair, Holding Hands, Movie Nights, Dancing, Green Tea, Love Bites, Japanese Toys, Vintage Barbies, Leopard, Red Nail Polish, My Black Jetta, Skeletons, Over Accessorizing., Late night free writes.
he beatles, top petty, iggy pop, playradioplay, marilyn manson, t.rex, kaito, blondie, ima robot, the strokes, interpol, imogen heap, televison, ima robot, portugal the man, weezer, sex pistols, lou reed, the clash, the cure, radiohead, coldplay, blood brothers, the cars, ramones, dead boys, cher, velvet underground, buzzcocks, the slits, nico, the shins, ratatat
Filmy co má ráda
enternal sunshine, yellow submarine, gia, rocky horror picture show, hairspray, the royal tenenbaums, elizabeth town, sid and nancy, hard candy, hedwig and the angry inch, beetle juice, crybaby, rushmore, slc punk, ghost world, v for vendetta, edward scissor hands, the shining, detroit rock city, 200 cigs, gummo, party monster, alice in wonderland, stay, hair spray, girl interrupted, empire records, almost famous, spun, winter passing, virgin suicides, garden state, clockwork orange
i hate t.v. :)

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